During this time , I really was tired. Do not understand the so-called love. Like people like someone else. And we choose to start with is wrong. Not the result of love, really can not choose the people who can not stick together . Finally, it must be put in harm 's more than that . Alas . I still love her , but I can not like her, unacknowledged love. Discrimination love.Flower delivery service
What am I doing ? I was so haunting how to leave her at my side, I could not leave her how is riding that step . I was not very strong. I was not simply can not afford them , or I was not trying to escape . Seems to be trying to avoid . I also read to her there . You can also make her feel changed . I know I can only exhibit impossible , but I was still afraid to acknowledge these facts . How me. Trouble like this. , Is simply seek death . In fact, she actually likes someone else , and actually have no feeling for me . If you insist , I will let others have more contempt for themselves, so why bother ? Think I know think I know the truth, I also want to let yourself so sad ...... but I would be angry . , As long as she made things a little ambiguous with people like now , I'm really not happy. I am a kind of person ? Selfish ? Love can not afford ? Still too fragile ? Well ...... sad beyond words. Probably because I'm special , led to all this ...... if I was normal. How I would like her, how could I have been fit , have trouble like this , would have a conflict with their own character . However, in total disregard of their own in the minds of others is how I how. Can not to spoil yourself. I now find myself began to despise himself. This love is noble , how I give a tarnished . How much noise my own apart from each other pain or suffering. How the . hong kong property agency

Has long been said to give up. Long face embarrassing . Also done so humiliating . I think of how long ago was wrong / early in Sipilailian it. Can ...... I want to change it? I can accept that we have to do business together, but she may soon be with that person married? I can accept it? I am sure that is not acceptable. How to do , I can not give up

After saying everyone will know how to cherish the feelings of hurt feelings , will make yourself more powerful together , is that right ? I was to how to do ? Bars on ? What bars on , for other people I really accept this? God ...... is not got to force myself , but I have no other choice. If I have better things can be, I am not very familiar with the main man , his own shop ?

Break it up , break it up . Otherwise, how can I do ?wine hong kong